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Perfect Pour

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In order to serve the perfect pint, draft beer should be dispensed with a customized gas blend determined by the type of beer and the draft beer system your establishment has installed.

Our Perfect Pour draft beer gas system will provide an uninterrupted flow of CO2 and Nitrogen. The beer gas blender will mix the CO2 and Nitrogen to create unique beer gases for different types of beer.

The Ales and Lagers will run on a mixture of 60% CO2 – 40% Nitrogen while the Stouts will run on a mixture of 75% Nitrogen and 25% CO2. This will ensure that your draft beer system will not under pour (too much foam) or over pour (too flat) any beers – your draft beer system will always have "The Perfect Pour".

beer blender

CO2 can either come in CO2 cylinders or bulk CO2 and Nitrogen can either come in Nitrogen cylinders or with a  Nitrogen generator.

The correct blend keeps the beer at the correct carbonation level throughout the whole keg, no matter how long it is on tap.

Mixed Gas will (when used correctly in a properly designed system):

  • Keep a "nitro" beer properly carbonated and nitrogenated
  • Keep beers properly carbonated, no matter how long they are on tap
  • Prevent beers from going flat
  • Prevent beers from becoming too foamy
  • Prevent wasted beer
  • Reduce foaming problems due to temperature fluctuations

Too much CO2 in the blend will:

  • Cause foaming and over-carbonating. (Guaranteed, it's just a matter of time.)

Too little CO2 in the blend will:

  • Cause the beer to go flat. (Guaranteed, it's just a matter of time.)

With our Perfect Pour Draft Beer Blending System you get Zero Waste

Zero Waste = Greater Profits for You!

Your establishment will waste “Thousands of dollars” of draft beer, if the blend of CO2 and Nitrogen gas is not properly administered. Our Perfect Pour draft beer system ensures zero waste!

Lost Opportunity From Imperfect Carbonation
Based on 1,984 oz/Keg Waste oz Lost/Keg oz/Pint Pints Lost Rev/Pint Rev Lost/Keg Rev Lost/MO
(Average 40 Kegs)
Rev Lost/YR
(Average 480 Kegs/YR)
Profits Lost/YR
(85% overage)
Flat = Over-pour 5% 99.2 14 7.1 $4.00 $28.34 $1,134 $13,604 $11,563
Foamy = Waste in Keg 8% 158.7 14 11.3 $4.00 $45.35 $1,814 $21,767 $18,502
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