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CO2 for Special Effects

Specialized Applications: CO2 Special Effects

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Broward Nelson Fountain Service provides specialized siphon tanks that draw liquid carbon dioxide through the nozzle.   These tanks hold approximately 50 pounds of liquid CO2 and can be set up at almost any special event. Equipped with a special dip tube, CO2 siphon tanks will provide uninterrupted streams of liquid CO2 that are perfect for fog / smoke / special effects. Depending on your equipment, the special effects will last anywhere between 20 seconds to a few minutes in duration   These tanks are also utilized in creating dry ice and for freezing applications.



If a large 50# CO2 siphon tank (approx. 5 feet tall) is too much, Broward Nelson also offers a standard 20# aluminum CO2 tank with a plastic guard.  By flipping the standard 20# tank (approx. the size of a dive tank) upside down, the liquid CO2 will flow from the nozzle.  This will mimic the special effects associated with a siphon tank while having the durability and accessibility of a smaller and lighter tank.

All our standard 20# and larger siphon CO2 tanks have a standard CGA-320 valve which will connect to a 3/8 pipe thread fitting.  This allows our tanks to be connected to most standard CO2 hoses, guns, cannons and fog machines.

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